Top 21 Popular Success Books to Read once in life Before You Die

There is so many books are available, So Question is that which one best to read, here we recommend you a world popular Top21 success book you must read before you die. All books are life-changing, Non-Fiction and all-time best seller. Helps to Enhance Communication skills, Vocabulary, Reading skills, Memory power, Imagination power that takes you success doorstep.

Top 21 Popular Success Books to Read once in life before you Die

Here, We Present Best 21 Success Books to Read in Life


21. Everyone Has A Story:

 – by Savi Sharma

  everyone has a story

Everyone has a story is only for those beliefs in their “Dreams”. This book not only driving the story, bundles of life important lessons and wisdom. I highly recommend you read these books each and every one.

The beginning of Everyone has a story:  I woke up every day, try to find the reasons to live. When I slept try to find reasons not to die. At every moment find the reasons of dream, love, and hope. Then I found you. After that, I saw fear and confusion around me, Not in me.

The author tries to teach us the importance of time. Time decides our journey and destiny. When the time changes everything change. Some time for good, some time for bad and some time best.

Author writing is something which gives clarity of thought to my mind and heart

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20. Who Will Cry When You Die? :

 –  by Robin Sharma

Who Will cry before you die

With this book, The Author tries to tell about the real fact of life. After reading this book I regret that why didn’t I get it earlier…so inspirational book.

It is so simple and concise that I have become a fan of the writer…there are 101 chapters in the book each one is better than the other…Popular Books to Read once in life. I felt while reading the book as if a writer was talking to me telling me to change my life for the better.

The chapters are not only to read but to implement in your life….it will surely change your life….go get it.

The entire book is just about those small changes that we can apply to our lives to bring that happiness that we always longed to bring or see.

I recommend this book to be read by everyone. Though it may not bring overnight changes to your life, surely, it evokes some questions that every reader can question themselves.

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19. You are the Best Wife: A True Love Story :

 – by Ajay Pandey

You are the Best WifeIt’s not just a book, it’s an inspiration. I want to mention three principal lessons I learned from it:
1. “Never surrender!!!!” It doesn’t matter whether it is world war III or some war in your personal life!
2. Quality is important, quantity is not.
3. Appreciate your nearest & dearest ones saying that they are the best in their own ways. Then see the magic how it empowers them to be the best one!
Apart from these, I really enjoyed the author’s sense of humor & appreciated the honesty with which he had described each of his feelings. So, guys, please read it & take a nice journey with Ajay & Bhavna……

his book teaches us one of the most important lessons of life. No matter what happens in life you still can be happy and there is always a way to get your charm back. Cherish the relations you have on this Earth. It is better to live life the fullest.

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18. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck :

 – by Mark Manson

The Subtle ART OF NOT GIVING A FUCKThis is one book that would definitely catch your eye, owing to its bright orange cover and a title that’s so unconventional! Kudos to Mark Manson for this! I don’t think I’d have picked this up otherwise.

Okay. First things first, whether you like the book or not, whether you take anything substantial away from this book or not, whether you implement any wisdom described in the book in your life or not, I think you would definitely enjoy the way this book is written, its language and the general fun feeling of reading through a book, which I would safely put in the genre of ‘Unconventional Wisdom’.

I loved reading this book! I think it’s very relatable, the way the author has described various instances and examples. However, implementing the same attitude in your life might be tricky and difficult.

If you can implement it the way the author intends to, I think you would be on your path to a successful life. I think this book is especially useful for people who keep worrying about trivial things way too much.

The book will teach you to focus on larger things and don’t care about petty stuff that has no meaning or effect on your life.

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17. Believe in Yourself :

 –  by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Believe in Yourself

This book reached in time and it’s very interesting in reading even it has good words. And I suggest all those people who want to become a billionaire in their life or want to achieve their dreams they should read it at least once because everything starts from the mind and this book teaches how to control our mind

According to this book, your thoughts decide your destiny. We always have a choice to be cynical/negative or positive/faithful.
Choose positivity, radiate love and you’ll see things falling into place as per your like.

We all have same capabilities, a brain with same functionality the only differentiating factor is our thoughts, if positive you’ll see magic happening and if negative you’ll see all the bad things happening to you.
It is the power of the human brain which has made machines that fly, computers and what not. Popular Books to Read once in life. We all have it in us, it is just a matter of faith. Just believe in yourself, never doubt on yourself and you’ll be limitless.

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16. Money Master the Game :

 – by Tony Robbins

Money Master the game

Money Master the Game great book and I have found a great admiration for Tony Robbins. It’s pretty clear from reading his book and watching his interview that he really cares about helping other people through knowledge and money.
The notion of investing in Mutual Funds was completely obliterated, this I definitely support. Just index guys, through DCA in my opinion. Must read for people who lack knowledge of money matters. Simple ways of money management have been explained. It can help one to set plan for financial stability, being able to visualize what it takes to be financially independent way, you can just index with NIFTY or SENSEX with Dollar-Cost averaging.

A cautionary note, you should really be able to invest yourself though, not trading but INVESTING.

The best part of the book, in my opinion, was the final chapters, the act of giving. So whoever says money can’t provide happiness is dead wrong. It enables you to help those in need and that will definitely make you happy, more than any amount of money will ever be able to do.
On a final note, sure to apply these principles in your personal life, “Knowledge is not power, it’s potential power.

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15. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in Distracted World :

 – by Cal Newport


DEEP WORK: A Must-Read book. Excellent content. The premise is that for colossal work output, one must cut off distractions of e-mail, all social media, smartphone, etc and work every day in a quiet place with intense concentration.

A few hours like that will increase work output enormously, benefitting the practitioner in immense ways in his/her career and all other aspects of life. It will provide a big competitive advantage, compared to those whose attention is fragmented owing to distractions/ addictions of social media. The book is exceptionally well written, with solid reasoning and examples.

This resonates with a classic book by the guru of management writing, Peter Drucker, titled ‘ The Effective Executive ‘. It has a chapter titled ‘Know thy time’ where he stresses the importance of properly managing time, first and foremost. In that, he says that giving the largest possible continuous units of time for important work is of paramount importance. Giving small driblets of time to such work is useless.

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There must be a feeling of ‘ there being all the time to work undisturbed on that aspect/problem/issue deliberately, with no pressure to be off elsewhere ‘. This is a discerning point and a very useful practice when doing important work. There were no social media distractions then, the highly damaging effects of which, the author of this book, Cal Newport has now elaborated in detail.

Must read and apply this book for a huge jump in all-round productivity and self-improvement


14. Find Your Passion: 25 Questions You Must Ask Yourself :

 – by Henri Junttila

The chapters in theFIND YOUR PASSION book are based on 25 questions designed to encourage and help you to rediscover your passion. The chapters, although simple in their approach, really get you to think at a deeper level the life you are here to create.

Full of personal experiences by Henri and the path he has taken to live a passionate lifestyle, readers will be motivated and inspired to read the questions thoroughly and then follow up with the exercises at the end of each chapter.

Here are some of the more thought-provoking questions that he asks:

1. How do you define your passion?
2. How will you know when you’re living a passionate life?
3. What will you do when you’ve found your passion?
4. What would you have to believe about yourself to live a passionate life?
5. What do you REALLY want?
6. What would happen if you gave up right now?
7. What is your inner voice whispering?
8. If you pretended to know, what would your passion be?
9. What you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
10. If you were guaranteed success, what would you do?

…and 15 more vital questions!

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The book is easy to follow in a style that you’ll enjoy, and you could finish it in just a few hours. The activities at the end of each chapter provide a great way to follow up on what you’ve red and keeps the reader engaged in the material instead of just flipping through to the end.


13. Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy :

 – by Sadhguru


This book or manual, if you prefer, is a half autobiography, and half educational. The first part with anecdotes works very well in pointing out how much he was like us. The second part gives us theories and exercises or experiments to feel what he describes. Other reviewers say he does not tell you how to perform certain exercises in this book but I find that not to be the case.

There are also many videos online and YouTube that demonstrates many things he writes about. This is a book to be read and studied every day.

I started reading this book while going through a very stressful phase in my personal life. After reading a few chapters, I got a lot of clarity and it helps me deal with life situations in a more calm manner, leading to positive outcomes.

Sadhguru believes that living joyfully is not “magical” but can be done systematically, like an engineering problem. Sadhguru has written the book in two parts–first, he describes the landscape and then he lays out a route on how to get there.

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12. How to Win Friends and Influence People :

 –  by Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends Influence people

I promise you that after reading it you will definitely get a change, ( it is based on my personal experience after reading this book)
1. I begin accepting each kind of person, even when I don’t like his/her behavior.
2. My mindset about society is changed
3. Now I take different penetration in dealing with people and there is an improvement in handling one’s perspective.
4. I had anger intention before and now that behavior languishes.
5. Helped me in improving communication and relationships

The book is very important for self-improvement and the explanation of every lesson is with a lot of examples. I have read every chapter nearly 3 times.

If you want your daily interactions to be more meaningful, positive and mutually beneficial then this book shall help you do the very same thing. ( For both personal and professional interactions)

I’ve applied these principles and have seen the difference.

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11. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action :

 – by Simon Sinek

START WITH WHYThere are not many people that instantly reach you and holds your attention when you hear them speak. At least not for me. I listen to many leadership, motivational, Positive thinking speakers. And I am always searching for the next book that will change my life.
Start with why really resonated with me because I have been searching for why I have not been able to get out of my current rut in life. I have lost my passion for things I love and this book from Simon’s perspective was perfect. He teaches the concept of The Golden Circle. Why, How and What.
Why do we do what you do?
How do you do it?
What is it that you do?
And without going into too much personal detail I realized now what was missing. I just like Simon had “lost” my why for doing the things I loved and needed to do.
I really love the way Simon speaks. He is serious when needed. He throws in humor when appropriate. He makes you think, laugh and cry with his stories. Not only was his book enticing but he made me want to know more about who he was but also about the people he mentioned in the book. To me, that makes a great read.

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10. Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude … Change Your Life!

 – by Jeff Keller


This book is written by Jeff Keller who is a motivational speaker, which is evident through the motivational tone of the book. After graduating from law school in 1980, he practiced for a few years. Feeling unhappy with his career in law, he became a motivational speaker which he felt was his true calling. The numerous examples of people who achieved their goals through positive attitude are from his personal experience and research.

Popular Books to Read once in life before you Die

What do I like about this book?
– The overall motivational tone of the book, that creates a positive drive within yourself
– To-the-point crisp writing, without being verbose at all (unlike some other books which keep reiterating the same points through multiple pages)
– Powerful examples from history
– Great quotes by famous men. It is just a treat to read all these famous words by eminent people.
– The book justifies its title ‘Attitude is everything’ through its content.

What I did not like about the book?
Well, honestly, NOTHING. I’m usually critical of books if I find any flaws with the writing, or content, or engagement, but I didn’t find anything lacking in this one. Hence, the complete five stars. The book is beautifully written with meaningful content.

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9. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People :

 – by Stephen Covey

The 7 HABITS OF EFFECTIVE PEOPLE THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE: Habit is the real truth behind every successful people. What we are is decide on our hobby. What we regular do it decide our future… Hobby is powerful when we are taking the right decision to do the right things on time. This book teaches us how to use our hobby in our professional life… Should be going for this.

What’s unique in this book:
1. The concept of character ethics and personality ethic.
2. The principles or laws are excellent. They are the foundation on which this book is written.
3. A broad definition of success.
4. Making us use our four ‘unique human pittance’ in solving our problems and even while reading this book.
5. There is a logic/reason in everything covey says.

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8. The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life :

 – by Robin Sharma


I have read Robin Sharma’s other books as well, and they have changed my way of thinking, my routine and working style with positivity. Now, with The 5 AM Club, I am excited to see myself growing a level up. Great concept of morning routines for a growing generation.

Fiction and Non-fiction. This book mainly tells you the importance of early rising and utilizing the first hour of the day to gain more success in every field of life along with other concepts.
I was pretty excited for this read to see how Sharma has helped us utilize the early morning time more efficiently but discovered that is is not just about it.

Coming to the language, it is artistic, which is unusual for a Self-Help but this also makes the book a little stretchy. The book is well-structured.

While it has many concepts that are life-changing, I was pretty disappointed because I got lesser than anticipated when compared to the number of pages I read. A few chapters were entirely irrelevant to the title of the book and an avid Self-Help reader may also find a repetition of some content.

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However, the concepts given in the book, if implemented can change your life in a practical manner to get a world-class life. One suggestion – check out the index and read chapter wise to save time.

In the end, I suggest this book to the people who like a mixture of fiction and Non-fiction or to the beginners of Self-Help Reading.


7. The Intelligent Investor (English) :

 – by Benjamin Graham

the intellegent investor benjamin graham

The greatest book is ever written in the field of investments arena. But to give clarity this book don’t give you Intra-day short techniques, Equity instruments picking metrics or forex option buy signals .. Its how the investment psychology should be and Experiences principles in investment.
In a simple word ” this book cant make you rich but will no one can make you fool ” In words buffet. If you are a Finance student then don’t worry to buy the book u can get pdf online by doing some research ..So irrespective of place of buy or mode of study ..once in a lifetime complete the book and keep it with you.

Must Read for people who are planning to invest or are already invested. It is hard to understand and may require you to go to other sources to understand few concepts and come back, but if you complete this thoroughly, you will be at a completely another level in investing.

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INTELLIGENT INVESTOR book from The Dean of Wall Street, Written six decades ago. This will definitely change your speculative attitude towards stock market and guide you towards value investing. The commentary by Jason Zweig is remarkable. Most of the examples are clear cut. This book will analyze our stock market history for 100 years. Prewar and postwar effect on the stock market was well explained.

Two way approaches for both defensive as well as an enterprising investor was perfectly explained. Value analysis of stock in different sectors with comparison well explained. The importance of the margin of safety is the central concept of this book. You can fight both bulls as well as a bear if you truly follow Benjamin Graham. The only difficulty is this requires lots of patience to get a complete understanding. Every time you read you will always find you are learning something extra. If u speculate and suffered loss…This book is your only solution.


6. The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses :

 – by Eric Ries

The Lean startup ERIC RIES

THE LEAN STARTUP: This book brings out very relevant problems which businesses involving large uncertainties face every day. It offers a very simplistic framework on turning ideas into successes. I desired that the book talks about scaling in a bit more detail.

Vision, steer, accelerate
decide what is the vision, where do you want to go i.e. the end goal.
that vision will motivate you throughout the journey to the goal.
Steer: navigate, keep changing direction during the journey to the goal if you are headed in the wrong direction
Accelerate: pick up the pace once on the right path

Well, its almost five stars..but I always believe there is some scope of improvement. Does not matter if you are a budding entrepreneur or a well-settled entrepreneur, you will learn amazing techniques to optimize your idea. The examples provided are brilliant and helps you understand the book at a different level.

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Practical, relevant, insightful and a great read to understand the process of structuring organizations to foster innovation. Knowing how to set up measurable feedback loops and how to swiftly move through them is really exciting!

5. Think and Grow Rich :

 –  by Napolean Hill

Think and grow rich Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a 13 step guide for you to attain riches and achieve any goal in life. It is a proven secret to success. If all the steps as mentioned in the book is understood and applied, you can not only attain financial freedom but can earn as much money as you want. Nothing in this world is impossible and the book will make you believe that.

It has multiple inspiring and motivating stories of successful entrepreneurs which will boost your confidence and keep you motivated in your hunt for success. Popular Books to Read once in life.  The book talks about the role of desire, faith, auto-suggestion, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, decision, persistence, mastermind group, sex transmutation, subconscious mind, brain and sixth sense in attaining success in life.

All the steps mentioned in the book are actionable. What you need to do is take action at the right time and the right time is now.

It tells about some of the important principles on how to use them such as-
-The sixth sense
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It tells about all those above qualities and how to master them to be successful in life and to become richer.

4. Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life :

 –  by Gaur Gopal Das


The popular joking monk’s first book is very well written.
He has used the conversational style, as Robin Sharma does, to tell the reader about how to successfully manage four areas of our life viz., Personal Life, Relationships, Work Life and Social Life.
As can be expected there is enough humor in this book. He has used some very inspiring real-life stories also.
Best part, although he belongs to ISKCON, he has not used this book to spread the message of ISKCON, which is very impressive.
Overall, this book is worth reading for people of all age groups, especially the youngsters.
This book can be the starting point of a journey towards a fulfilling life for many who may not be philosophically or spirituality inclined.

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Completed reading the book “Life’s amazing secret”.
It is an experience akin to when you read Bhagavad Gita. 😊
It delineates the purpose of our lives and how to realize it.
It encompasses almost part of the story between the conversation of Gaur Gopal Das and his friend inside a car.
When will be your journey of life shifts from being an ice-cream to being a candle?
An intellectual doggie, the exact distinction between forgiveness and justice, what is it all to be a human, and Gratitude log.
It has answers to those questions which revolves around our mind.
You will become a new version of yourself if implemented those thoughts into action.
A must read for all. Thanks to my spiritual guru Gaur Gopal Das.


3.Zero to One: Note on Start-Ups, or How to Build the Future :

 – by Peter Theil
Zero to one PETER THIEL

Mr. Thiel has a very different perspective of monopoly which he explains in a very detailed manner. Most often we misunderstand and take the word ‘ monopoly’ in a negative way, but after reading this book anyone will have a wider and clear view of what it can actually mean just by changing the way we look at things in a positive sense.

A good read for everyone who is looking forward to starting their own enterprise.

It’s a must-read, any entrepreneur who is in plans to start his business or any individual who are from the corporate world must read this book, its words, the logic is completely undeniable, gives one a better perspective, I have read this book 3 times n every time I have read I have found a new perspective to challenges faced in real world. Its a must have a book on one collection. “This book is an encyclopedia in its own way” one those who have read it more than once will understand what I’m saying.
Popular Books to Read once in life
With unique insights, experience from founding and running PayPal and first-hand experience of VC, Peter Thiel covers not only his to think about technology and business but also plots the compelling story against history, literature and future timescale.
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Must read for everyone even if not participating in tech or business to understand how the world will look in future. Highly recommended.

2. The Power of your Subconscious Mind :

 –  by Joseph Murphy

The power of subconscious mind

After extensive reading of this book, I personally realized this book leads me to embark on the most wonderful journey ever, which is the journey within.

The Journey within provides a solution to all our problems claimed by the author of this book (a well-known psychologist).
He has provided simple cause and effect solution to each problem ( cause is thought and the effect is a solution). As  termed “We are what we think all day long.”

Joseph Murphy also mentioned that how new habits can be learned or unlearned which affects our daily lives and how thoughts within controls us all.

Personally, I feel this book can be life changing by applying principles of life provided in this book. Which are easy and simple.
As Joseph said in this book “everything is choice, choose life, choose love, choose happiness and the likes.
And yes! I suggest don’t forget to buy and read this book it will help you a lot in your personal life. 😊

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It is a wonderful book, probably the best one I have read so far.
It has changed the way I look at everything thing & everyone around me.
It has changed my personality for a greater good for my self.
Highly recommend, the money what you pay is nothing for the knowledge & value what you get from it.
I thank the Author from the bottom of my heart for writing such an extraordinary play & thank you Amazon for delivering it, without your help, it might have been difficult for us to reach out on other parts of the world.


1. Rich Dad Poor Dad:

 – by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert T. Kiyosaki

RICH DAD POOR DAD: This book genuinely describes the difference between the behavior of Rich people and people belonging to the middle as well as poor class respectively. Robert Kiyosaki elucidates the basic attitude of peoples towards earning money and the way they endeavor to gain it. Popular Books to Read once in life.

The author briefly describes the way he has achieved a certain amount of wealth and how a common person can utilize those methods to obtain the same. The book basically deals with the following contents – Investment, stocks, real estate, risk factor, etc.

I found it very encouraging and with the given knowledge one can certainly travel the path towards success (of course toward WEALTH).

Good book, every student have to read it once in life before he/she going to the job after graduation, I really recommend it!

In addition, I want to tell all parents: please do one favor for your children, give them whatever they want but with some good knowledge like you can give this book or maybe many good books not even from finance but also the other subjects(types) like a story, biography, etc.
If the reading capability is stronger in the little age its good for the future of your children

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Thanks to Robert T. Kiyosaki for share this great book and thoughts, I really liked it and really I need this knowledge that I never found on my school or university as well.


All the above ” Top 21 Popular Success Books to Read once in life before you Die” books are recommended only for those who eager success in life. As you thought being successful is not an easy task, you have to read all the above books and implement qualities, suggestion.

Do not lie to yourself, that I don’t have a time

Invest 1 hour daily make sure to see the changes soon…

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