Best Top 10 Business Research Methods Book’s

The Top 10 business research method books online, let we discuss a little bit of Business Research Methods

Business Research is a combination of 2 words Business + Research. Business means an organization or economic ecosystem are providing goods and services exchanged for one another or for money. Research means that a deep systematic study regarding a particular concern or a problem with the scientific manner.

In other words, Business Research is a systematic inquiry or study that provide information to guide managerial decisions.

Business Research defines as a system an objective process of gathering, Recording, Analysing data.

Best Top 10 Business Research Methods Book’s

Main Feature of Business Research Methods:

  1. SYSTEMATIC: Before starting business research, firstly think about why we are doing this study(research). for example like better service, product quality, rate up or down etc whatever. Research has a methodical plan and procedure and all the study has done step by step process. As well a repeating all the step again for getting a genuine result.
  2. OBJECTIVE: In any research, the motive is the key factor before begins research. An entrepreneur thinks about the motive or what is the reason behind this research. As well as after implementation expects to enhance the organizational performance.
  3. SCIENTIFIC METHOD: A method or procedure that has been proved as a scientific way, results must be based on systematic data. Scientific method means the following observations, calculations, research, formulation of the technique.
  4. FINDING ANSWERS: Why we are doing research? Because we want to know the answers. organization facing problem, Launch a new product, increase performance. Actually, Entrepreneur wants to know all the answers so they conduct research.
  5. EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE: This method is co-related to the scientific method. evidence business research method based on the observations and experience. Empirical evidence does not believe in facts totally depends upon the principle


  1. ESTIMATING EXPENSES: In Business, there are many expenses like fixed expenses, variable expenditure. So In advance, we have to know that some basic expenditure that’s why we conduct the research.
  2. PRICE DETERMINATION: Strategies like Cost-Plus pricing, Physiological, going rate pricing, market skimming. If you want to know which market pricing strategy is beneficial for your organization. Then you must conduct the research because pricing is the main factor help to stand in the market for a long time.
  3. DECISION MAKING: An organization facing a problem, and has many alternatives to facing all issue. But which one is best and after apply give a positive response. So we conduct research that helps to take any decision.
  4. EVALUATING MARKET TRENDS: As we all know that the market fluctuates daily. An entrepreneur is eager to know what’s a new and trending product enter the market that completion of customer need.
  5. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: As we know the competition level goes high every day. An entrepreneur wants to live in a blue ocean as we know easy to copy an idea or product. This is a very big issue and wants to stand for a long time in the market you have to prepare for a competitor.

Top 10 10 Business Research Method books for Entrepreneur Or Business Student:

1. Business Research Methods with coursemate:

Business Research Methods

The book is quite informative in terms of concepts, examples and case studies. Worth the money

2.Research Methodology: Methods And Techniques:

A very good book on subject in the market. Excellent multicolored error free print. Solved examples are easy to understand and leads to unsolved problems. Quality of pages is very smooth and typeset is small but readable. Many topics covered very systematically by both authors and complete subject logically. No further reading is thereafter required.

3.Research Methods for Business: A Skill Building Approach:

research methods for business

Great information in the book. Additionally, it seems like the authors were just to wordy and ended up over-complicating simple subjects.

4. Business Research Methods: with Student CD-ROM:

The text encourages and supports the completion of an in-depth business research project during the semester.

5. Before You Start Up: How to Prepare to Make Your Startup Dream a Reality:

Overall this book is the first thing that will introduce you to the startup world. This book tells us the preparations we have to make before we startup and also how we can overcome challenges to make our startup dream reality.

The best part of this book – Author speaks of all the negatives, problems, facts, in the startup journey in each chapter, some feel like it is discouraging but its a warning and makes us prepared when it happens. He clearly mentioned that this all are the challenges we are going to face.

You get a feeling like a mentor or a teacher is sitting next to us and guiding you to prepare for the journey by telling you what are all worst cases, how to tackle it, his personal challenges.

In the end, you know what to do and where to go next.

6.Business Research Methods:

The reader is taken step-by-step through a range of contemporary research methods, while numerous worked examples and real-life case studies enable students to relate with the context and thus grasp concepts effectively.

7.Research Methods for Business Students Fifth Edition:

Research Methods for Business Students brings the theory, philosophy and techniques of research to life and enables students to understand the practical relevance of the research methods.

8.Business Research Methods, 4 Ed:

I was recommended by my MBA dissertation supervisor to read this book prior to starting the literature review. I recommend this book to MBA students as well as other researchers who seek more literature on the topic.

9.Business Research Methods:

This is a great book for those who wish to clarify their concepts in Business Research Methods. . What makes this book different from others is that the language is very simple and very easy to understand and all the jargons have been broken down to make it comprehensible. A must-check-out for those who want to be proficient in data analysis

10.Outside-In Management: The New Age Funda of Wealth Creation:

A well written and very readable book on management.The author Shiv Malik has been a very successful and effective Chairman and CEO of major public sector companies and this book contains the essence of his experience in running public sector enterprises for decades.Shiv Malik has used an interesting method for conveying management principles and practices:he uses the story format because of which the book has become a page turner.The reader always wants to know-what next?

Running a public sector company in an honest and professional manner is a very difficult task and requires lots of diplomatic skills.

Shiv Malik tells us through the characters of this book how he went about effectively and profitably running sector companies inspirte of all kinds of political and bureaucratic interferences.There is much that private sector persons can learn from the experience of Shiv Malik in how to diplomatically brush off the intereference of the Promoters.

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