Why Reading is so important in 2019. At a time man thinks that why reading is so important. People of this generation are focused on percentage or Grades and they think that reading is only for qualification. But the fact is that Reading is not only for good marks or grades,

But reading is also for the development of intelligence. We have thousands of reasons to read a book in 2019. for enhancing brain power, Reduce stress, improve imagination power, mentally strong, self-improvement, personality development.

Everybody thinks that reading books is for losers but they are wrong, Worlds’s all richest personality believes that reading books are a key factor to get success. And they invest too much time on reading books.

For Example, Elon Musk, Who is the

  • Founder, CEO, Lead Designer of SpaceXWhen he started the SpaceX company, he did not know anything about rocket science, then he starts learning about it, Moreover books reading are the key factor to get depth knowledge of Rocket Science.

Even Warren Buffett shares his one habit is key to success is Reading. And you won’t believe that worlds biggest investor read a daily about 500 pages.

Mark Cuban, agree that reading is a key factor in his success and he read about 3 hours daily.

Here, World Best Reasons for Reading Books:

  1. READING =SKILLS ACQUIRED: Book reading helps you to learn the skills that want to be full of all the qualities in that art, The book reading is one of the world’s finest and the easiest way to get expert in any field. Today’s era art era is an art show and earns money.
  2. READING=BRAIN POWER: Reading the book leads to the development of the brain, ability to think and understand everything very sharply.  When you read a book mind starts to remember everything about the story, characters and also increase the imagination power is results your memory becomes strong. Book Reading is the Best Exercise of the Mind.
  3. READING=DECISION MAKER: Time is not always the same, it is good to walk well today, but Who has seen the future if there is a problem ahead. So, taking the right decision suited to the problem, this is the art which we get from the book.
  4. READING=CONCENTRATION POWER: In today’s competition, you have to do thousands of work in 24 hours. Jobs, Business, Travel, Projects, Whatsapp, Facebook, Family etc. By managing so much your ability to do your work decreases. But when you read your book and topic, your full attention remains on the story. This improves your concentration and focus.
  5. READING=COMMUNICATION SKILLS: You can be from any field, students, employees, businessmen, if you want to grow in your field, then you need to have communication skills in it.How to write or read, which will help you communicate
  6. READING=MOTIVATIONAL TOOL: As we know today the competition level goes very high, and if you want to rank on the top so hard work, consistency, desire are the key factor that helps to get success. but there is one thing that must be needed to get success i.e Motivation. Without motivation, you can’t go far. So reading a good motivational autobiographies book gives you tips that help to achieve your goals.
  7. Everyone must read this book I guaranty after reading this book you will see drastic changes. Everybody at least 2-3 pages must-read daily


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